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Medical Billing & Coding Services Expertise in Neurology Billing & Coding

The diagnosis, management, and treatment of problems of the neurological system are the focus of the medical specialty known as neurology.

The billing and coding for neurology are just as complicated as the field itself. It resembles a branch of evaluation and management. Applying the appropriate code from the more than one hundred codes available for coding neurology and neuromuscular tests is a difficult undertaking for medical coders. Additionally, as neurologists visit patients in a variety of settings, including hospitals, offices, and care facilities, billing and coding for neurology services necessitates a solid understanding of place of service regulations. Failure to audit even the tiniest error might result in a significant financial loss for the practise of neurology at RCM.

Applying best practices for Neurology

Our team of billers and coders is trained exclusively in neurology billing & coding and its nuances. We understand the dire need for precision while billing & coding for neurology. In addition, we perform prior authorizations, eligibility verification and reduce days in AR as per MGMA standards. We are experts in reducing instances of underpayment and denials. Our team ensures that all treatment procedures are coded for from lab reports and physician notes, resulting in maximum reimbursements.

Our expertise in neurology billing and coding includes but is not constrained to:


  • Vascular

  • Interventional

  • Epilepsy; neuromuscular; neuro re-habilitation

  • Behavioral

  • Sleep medicine; pain management

  • Neuro-immunology

  • Clinical neurophysiology or movement disorders

  • Neurosurgery

Benefits of our Neurology Billing and Coding Services

To create a revenue cycle for your practise without income leaks, we bring together the most advanced RCM technology and the most qualified personnel. Additionally, we uniquely train your internal team on the most recent billing and coding guidelines for neurology. We provide a structure for the complaint procedure and the following further advantages:

* Our coding team is led by a neurology coding specialist and instructor with more than 15 years of coding expertise.

* American Association of Professional Coders, Certified Coders (AAPC)

* Personnel skilled in the most popular revenue cycle and medical coding software

* Successfully processing claims for medical services with the majority of commercial insurance providers, including UHC, WellPoint, Aetna, Humana BCBS, and Anthem, as well as government payers like Medicare

* Effective dealing with Medicare and comprehension of Medicaid policies particular to states


* We lower expenses while assisting you in enhancing clinical and operational effectiveness.

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