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Surgery that targets the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, colon, bile ducts, thyroid gland, and other organs is known as general surgery. Billers and coders for general surgery must be knowledgeable of the codes and terms used in the field.

General surgeons demonstrate an enormous quantity of expertise by performing procedures like bariatric surgery and hernia repair. They also use robots to assist in slightly invasive and open procedures. However, the advancement of cutting-edge technology that makes it possible for general surgeons to perform sophisticated surgeries also necessitates that they continually learn and update in order to stay on track, leaving no or very little time for general surgeons to concentrate on medical bills and reimbursements.

Even though general surgeons, hospitals, surgical clinics, or diagnostic partners who collaborate with RCM companies experience some revenue improvements, they continue to deal with incorrect coding or a lack of follow-up. The staff must be knowledgeable about using global surgical packages, using modifiers for same-day procedures, and responsibilities of surgeons in order to properly bill and code for general surgery. Unlisted procedures should also be documented by the billing and coding staff because poor documentation results in lower reimbursements.

You will have a great deal of control over the patient experience and revenue movement when you outsource your general surgery billing and coding requirements to Healthcare. Our main goal is to increase income exponentially by utilising both cutting-edge technology and a highly qualified workforce.

Benefits of our General Surgery Billing and Coding Services

We use the vast expertise we’ve accumulated over years of assisting general doctors. As a result, medical Billing Wholesalers can lower your staffing and administrative costs, boost sales, and guarantee conformance with all regulations while also providing other advantages.

* American Association of Professional Coders Certified General Surgery Coders (AAPC)

* Personnel educated in the most popular revenue cycle and medical coding software

* Successfully processing medical claims with the majority of private insurance providers, such as UHC, WellPoint, Aetna, Humana BCBS, and Anthem, as well as government payers like Medicare

* Effective working with Medicare and comprehension of Medicaid Policies unique to States

* We lower expenses while assisting you in enhancing therapeutic and operational effectiveness.

Our clients usually see increases in revenue of over 30% and decreases in denials of at least 20%. We succeed.