Our revenue cycle management service takes care of all of your outgoing claims as well as your incoming paper and electronic payments and remittances. On your side, we proactively handle claim appeals and denials. Additionally, by consistently enhancing our billing services, we save you from administrative duties. We take your claims seriously so that your business can move more quickly.

Your office can provide us your billing information in a number of ways, including:

  • Granting access to your practice management and electronic health record
  • Capturing images of paper bills and submitting them to our HIPAA-compliant gateway
  • Secure emailing

Whenever you want to! We often suggest that our clients email us a copy of each day’s new billing.

The information that is required to complete the claim is highlighted in a Weekly Claims Exception report that you will receive. We will file the claims as soon as you review them and send them back to us.

Once a payment has been received by their insurance company, the patients will receive statements for any outstanding owing. The frequency of sending patient statements might range from once per week to once per month, depending on your process.

The validity of the denial, whether in whole or in part, must first be established. We will ask the payer to reprocess the claim if the denial is invalid. For instance, if a diagnostic or modification is denied, we will make the necessary corrections and rebill the claim. We will deliver the medical records and, if necessary, file an appeal if the refusal is based on medical necessity. Depending on the payer, we could submit several appeals, such as administrative appeals, and follow up until the claim is paid or we obtain a written decision to the contrary.

Up to two statements will be sent, and we’ll call you to follow up. We advise turning the account over to collections after 120 days and barring the patient from receiving further care until the balance is paid. We can suggest a collection agency if you are not already associated with one in your area.

Actually, you have more control over your billing than you might think. You collaborate regularly with a committed billing account manager and support staff. Also, for your evaluation, we send you weekly and monthly financial analyses. Also, you may view our work in the billing programme in real-time.

Yes, we keep all patient information confidential and secure according to HIPPA compliance guidelines.

Elegance Healthcare LLC can have your practice up and running in as little as 2 weeks or as long as 6 weeks, depending on the size of your practise and the specialty.

Elegance Healthcare LLC assesses fees as a percentage of your practice’s net collections. The size, specialty, and services offered all affect the net collection rate. Within the sector, we provide rates that are extremely affordable. “We make money only if you make money,” it states at the conclusion.

We are not your usual revenue cycle provider for third parties. Consider our billers and coders as your outsourced claim handling, billing, and coding workforce. Based on the type of speciality, size, and scope of the work, a dedicated billing account manager and the proper employees are allocated to you. To complete prior authorizations, billing, posting, chart/claim audits, AR follow-up, denial management, appeals, collections, and reporting, our dedicated revenue cycle team has online access to the practise billing software. You have access to the work done by our revenue cycle team every single day.