Payer enrollment, which entails the procedures for a provider to join a certain insurance network, is a crucial component of revenue cycle management. Credentialing and contracting, two essential steps in payer enrollment, may differ depending on the payer.

When a provider requests to participate in a payer’s network, this process is known as credentialing. After receiving the application, the player thoroughly checks the provider’s credentials to make sure they fulfil the conditions for credentialing. The credentialing file is sent to the credentialing committee for approval when the credentials verification, or main source verification, is finished. The contractual process begins after approval.

Contracting occurs when a provider receives a contract for membership in the network after being given the go-ahead by the credentialing committee. The supplier then carefully examines the contract, paying particular attention to its legal conditions, payment schedule, and other participation obligations. If the provider accepts the terms of the contract, they sign it, and a provider number and effective date are sent to them. The provider can then start billing that payer and start getting paid for claims that are submitted in-network.

The entire enrollment procedure can take between 120 and 150 days to complete. Applications are submitted to the payer when Elegance Healthcare LLC gets the necessary data and completes them for all payers. The day on which each payer committee examines applications varies from payer to payer.

A provider can take a number of actions to make sure the credentialing procedure goes as smoothly and promptly as feasible. One of the most crucial things is to acquire and have ready access to all the application-related paperwork in advance. Second, don’t wait until the last minute because most commercial payer registrations will take 120–150 days to complete. If you know when you want to be billed, make sure to schedule everything in advance so that you can achieve your objectives.

Also, it is advantageous to keep your CAQH account up to date so that payers can use the accurate data without needing to request document revisions, which would slow down the procedure. Knowing the major payers with whom you would like to enrol is also very helpful. Elegance Healthcare LLC can assist you in identifying the payers that might be advantageous to you as a provider, but if you already have a list of potential payers in mind, the enrollment process can get underway much more quickly.

CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare) (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare) An online database called ProView is used to store provider data such as specialties, DEAs, licences, education, malpractice, CVs, and legal records. It gets rid of redundant paperwork with healthcare companies that need your professional and practise information for directory services, credentialing, claims administration, and other purposes. In order to successfully access and verify each applicant’s personal information during the enrollment and contracting process, the majority of payers demand updated CAQH databases. To start the credentialing process, you must have a complete and up-to-date CAQH.

You require a CAQH ID, login, and password for the CAQH website in order to create an online profile. For the CAQH-implemented Proview system, you must get in touch with the company directly to get a user account. Elegance Healthcare LLC will take care of every step of this procedure for you and guarantee that your account is set up, updated, and maintained at all times.

As a provider, you have two choices if the payer rejects your application: accept the rejection and submit out-of-network claims, or challenge the denial. You must write a persuasive argument that persuades the payer panel that you would be a beneficial addition to their network in order to successfully contest the refusal. Elegance Healthcare LLC can assist you in drafting a compelling argument on your behalf as a provider.

The ability to speak more than one language, which enables you to serve a wider range of patient demographics, is one of the typical strategies to help your appeal be re-filed and accepted in the event that your application is rejected. Elegance Healthcare LLC can assist you in determining how to position yourself as an important provider so that the payer panel will see the benefit of adding you to their network.

Often times, payer panels are closed due to the number of current in-network providers in the area. The number of patients in the geographic area may not be high enough to justify adding another provider into the network.

Re-attestation, re-credentialing, and re-validation are words that are frequently used synonymously, but there are small distinctions between them.

Re-attestation involves updating and verifying the provider’s personal information. Both individual payers and CAQH may be compelled to do this.

Re-credentialing occurs frequently when a particular payer asks a provider to rejoin their panel. Providers are required to indicate that they want to continue seeing patients via that specific payment and are asked if they still treat patients through that payer. Government payers are involved in re-validation, while some private and commercial payers also refer to their re-credentialing procedure as re-validation. This is further used to verify that a provider is still treating patients for that payer and that they want to stay in-network with the payer.

There are deadlines that must be met for government payers in order to finish the revalidation procedure. If a provider does not finish this process by the deadline, they will need to reapply for insurance from scratch, which could take up to 150 days.

You can log in to Elegance Healthcare LLC’s HIPAA-compliant software portal to view your credentialing progress and action items. You have access to all communications between our credentialing staff and the payers as well as the current status of each application. The aforementioned portal also contains notices that Elegance Healthcare LLC credentialing specialist(s) may ask you for paperwork for your applications. Throughout your onboarding process, our onboarding team will guide you through using our private interface. This clarifies where to go in order to find whatever information you choose to evaluate in real time, around the clock.

We make sure your business gets the credentials it needs precisely and on schedule, so you can start getting paid by the payers of your choice as soon as is feasible. Our staff examines the local demographics surrounding your clinic location and narrows down the best payers based on subscriber density, so you can decide what is right for your practise.

We keep track of every application that is submitted and keep precise records. Up until the procedure is over, we keep in touch with you to give you updates on the status of your application. We consistently follow up with payers to make sure that deadlines are met and that your credentials are received on time.

You can trust us to help you avoid frequent credentialing errors that result in denials and underpayments since we completely guarantee the security, confidentiality, and correctness of your data. With the use of our HIPAA-compliant portal, our procedure is completely transparent, and you have access to all changes to your credentialing in real-time at any time, seven days a week. We make the credentialing procedure as simple as we can for you so you can concentrate on giving your patients high-quality care.