Billing Assessments & Compliance

Elegance Healthcare LLC’s revenue cycle management (RCM) expertise was developed as a result of the extensive experience gained through managing all aspects of the revenue cycle for more than 300 healthcare organisations over a 15-year period, including optimization.
Elegance Healthcare LLC can offer a thorough analysis of the billing environment and overall financial health of your practise.

The RCM consulting team at Elegance Healthcare LLC will examine your clearinghouse and billing platform, work with your team, and review all financial data to give you a thorough analysis of the main issues, problems, and bad debts that your company is facing, as well as customized optimization solutions.


Our evaluations are tailored to the client’s needs and may consist of:

  • Review of the billing processes’ CPT coding and internal compliance protocols.
  • Study of income loss from medical necessity with recommended adjustments to follow-up procedures to secure improved compliance.
  • Analysis of billing and collection history in great detail to identify areas for development.
  • Examining price schedules, provider agreements, and CPT coding, as well as suggesting adjustments to address instances where claims are rejected or not reimbursed in full.
  • Billing operational evaluations to assess if systems and resources are suitable for carrying out tasks.
  • Internal processes are reviewed, and suggestions are made to speed up patient registration, fill in any information that is lacking, and bill collecting activities.

Based on the time needed to complete the scope of work that was previously agreed upon, we estimate the cost of our operational assessment. If your clinic decides to work with Maxx Healthcare for additional billing services, the assessment cost may be waived or reduced.

We are certain that your practice will experience significant cost savings and revenue recovery potential as a result of our thorough study and follow-up recommendations.