Maximize Your Revenue Potential with Our Comprehensive Solutions



Step 1 – Enrollment

Acupuncture billing for health insurance isn’t exactly the same as billing for conventional medical procedures. Although monitoring SOAP documentation and all of your practice’s insurance enrollments, billing, and coding might be stressful, outsourcing your acupuncture insurance billing can help you save time and improve your revenue cycle management. The knowledgeable staff at Maxx Healthcare will enrol your practise in our billing system, guide you through the health insurance billing procedure, address any queries concerning acupuncture CPT codes, and do the grunt work on your behalf. No matter what kind of acupuncture treatments you provide, with our assistance, you may begin treating patients who are covered by insurance fast and easily.

Step 2 – See Patients

You’re ready to begin bringing in money for your acupuncture services once you’ve successfully registered for our convenient health insurance billing site. Provide us the specifics of the care you rendered, and our acupuncturist billing specialists will handle the rest. We maximise every claim to make sure you get the fastest, most complete insurance reimbursement possible. Our skilled CPAs, MBAs, and certified coders who specialise in acupuncture CPT codes will troubleshoot and represent you in any billing and coding inquiries or issues relating to your claim for acupuncture services with insurance companies.

Step 3 – Get Paid

Acupuncture clinics that don’t accept health insurance face resistance from many patients who want to get treated there. You can expand your practise rather than your administrative workload by letting Maxx Healthcare handle your acupuncture insurance billing. Using the appropriate acupuncture CPT codes, our billing and coding specialists will submit your claim on your behalf to the insurance companies. We post the insurance reimbursement payment to your account as soon as it is made. I’m done now! Your clientele, referrals, foot traffic, and revenue will all rise. Your acupuncture clinic can move towards better revenue cycle management by streamlining your health insurance billing.